Avoid a Messy Divorce With Mediation

Speak with a divorce attorney in Charleston, SC

Choose Debra E. Stokes, L.L.C. to represent you during the course of your divorce in Charleston, SC. We focus on mediation, and can help you and your partner part on good terms. Our office is set up to accommodate mediation. We have two conference rooms, and our office provides beverages, snacks and lunches during mediation.

Debra Stokes has been a trusted mediator since 1992. She has extensive experience as a litigator in the family court. A mediator doesn't give legal advice. However, her years of litigation experience of 30 years and counting, allows her to offer insight into the courtroom process. Call now to learn more about our divorce mediation services in Charleston and throughout the State of South Carolina.

5 facts about divorce mediation

Some cases can be settled by negotiation between attorneys. When they cannot be settled through direct negotiation, the next step is mediation. Here are five facts about mediation you should know:

  1. South Carolina is a mandatory mediation state. That means that a case must go to mediation before trial.
  2. Over 90% of cases are settled in mediation.
  3. The attorneys for both parties may agree upon a mediator. If they cannot agree, the court will appoint one.
  4. Nothing said or established during mediation may be used in court.
  5. A mediator must be certified, and a mediator can be a family law attorney or lay person.

Debra will meet with you and your partner to discuss your situation and attempt to reach a peaceful agreement. If your case is settled in mediation, you can save time and money by avoiding a lengthy divorce trial. Call Debra E. Stokes today to make an appointment for mediation in Charleston and throughout the State of South Carolina.