Child Support Lawyer Serving Charleston & Mount Pleasant

Child Support Lawyer Serving Charleston & Mount Pleasant

Child support is ordered in many South Carolina divorce cases involving children, as well as cases involving the children of unmarried parents. In general, a handful of factors will impact whether support will be ordered, as well as the amount of support ordered: custody arrangements, the income and income-earning potential of both parents, the ages of the children and the specific needs of the children. Appropriate legal guidance is essential to the successful resolution of most child support matters.

If you need advice and representation regarding child support, either as part of a divorce or in a case involving unmarried parents, our firm can assist you in reaching arrangements that are fair and appropriate.

Child Support Attorney for Berkeley County & All of South Carolina

At the law office of Debra E. Stokes, L.L.C., we concentrate our practice on family law. Charleston child support attorney Debra E. Stokes can help you protect your rights and interests with regard to the financial support of your children. She has decades of experience handling matters related to:

The role of child support in the divorce process
The use of mediation to reach agreement on support matters - often with less expense, less stress and a higher level of ultimate satisfaction when compared to litigation
Cases involving child support and stay-at-home parents
The resolution of custody and support disputes
The modification and enforcement of child support orders

The state of South Carolina has specific child support guidelines that may bear on your case. A calculator is available for the purpose of obtaining an estimate of how much child support may be ordered in your case. A needs-based analysis may be required in certain cases involving high income.

Get The Child Support You Need

In the case you are granted custody of your child, there will be increased financial responsibility. This is a burden you should not have to carry alone. Our firm will help you pursue the child-support you deserve.

Child support funds can be utilized to help you:

  • Pay for your child's education
  • Fund their day-to-day life
  • Provide your child with a safe living situation

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