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Enforcement Actions Lawyer Serving Charleston & Surrounding Communities

When family court orders are not followed, recourse is available through various enforcement actions. An enforcement action can be as simple as a well-crafted letter and as "official" as a contempt-of-court motion that is brought before a judge. Consequences of enforcement can jeopardize a party's financial well-being, his or her right to drive or even his or her freedom.

If you need help regarding enforcement of an order related to child support, child custody and visitation, alimony, spousal support or property division, or another matter, our firm can assist you. If you are the subject of enforcement actions, we can represent you.

Child Support and Child Custody Enforcement Attorney for Mount Pleasant & Summerville Cases

At the law office of Debra E. Stokes, L.L.C., we help our clients protect their legal rights in a variety of ways. Leveraging more than 30 years of family law practice experience, family law lawyer Debra E. Stokes can help you:

  • Make sure your court-ordered parenting plan is being honored by your child's other parent
  • Deal with unpaid child support or alimony
  • Address matters related to marital property and divorce
  • Utilize family law mediation to resolve disputes without going to court

Every case is different. Our firm can help you understand your options for enforcement or defense against enforcement actions.

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