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Berkeley County & Mount Pleasant, SC Family Law Attorney

Debra E. Stokes, L.L.C. has 40+ years experience

The field of family law addresses a variety of interpersonal and family challenges related to divorce, parent-child relationships and other important matters. The successful practice of family law is often a question of helping people resolve these challenges with as little damage as possible.

At Debra E. Stokes, LLC, we concentrate on family law; we are not a general practice law firm. Berkeley County family law attorney Debra E. Stokes, who has been practicing family law in South Carolina for more than 40 years, understands the stress her clients are under. Debra is known for being empathetic, professional and practical in handling difficult issues.

Charleston Lawyer for Domestic Abuse & Complex Family Law Cases

The firm handles a wide variety of family law matters, including cases that can be characterized as complex. We can help you and your family find solutions related to:

  • High-asset divorce, both litigated and mediated
  • Division of property such as business assets, real property and investments
  • Child custody and visitation, which can be contentious matters
  • Alimony and spousal support, which may or may not be ordered in your case
  • Child support, which is usually determined based on statutory formulas
  • Modification of court orders when circumstances have changed significantly
  • Enforcement of court orders
  • Protection from domestic abuse, which often involves restraining orders
  • Premarital (prenuptial) and postmarital (postnuptial) agreements and reconciliation agreements, which enable clients to protect their property and avoid legal problems in the future

Every case is different. As your law firm, Debra E. Stokes, L.L.C. will strive to help you resolve your family law case as amicably and cost-effectively as possible.

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