Divorce Modifications Lawyer Serving Charleston & Berkeley Counties

Divorce Modifications Lawyer Serving Charleston & Berkeley Counties

A change in your circumstances can call for a change to the court orders that resulted from your divorce proceedings. The most common issues that lead a person to seek a modification are relocation, changes in income, changes in children's expenses and other new living situations.

If you are seeking legal counsel with the goal of modifying a court order, the law office of Debra E. Stokes, L.L.C., can assist you in protecting your rights and interests. Particularly if you were divorced years ago, we may be able to help you bring your legal arrangements up-to-date with regard to finances, family needs and logistics.

A Child Support Modification Lawyer Serving Charleston, Mount Pleasant & Summerville

Charleston divorce modifications lawyer Debra E. Stokes is a seasoned family law advocate with decades of relevant experience and a true desire to help her clients improve their lives. Debra can help you petition a court when a standing order is no longer appropriate with regard to:

Child support arrangements, which can become obsolete when a parent experiences an income loss or a child's needs change
Child custody modification, which can be appropriate as children get older or when a parent's location or schedule changes in a significant way
Visitation and parenting time, which should reflect the best interest of your child and the most ideal situation for your child's relationship with both parents
Alimony and spousal support, which can be ordered for different periods of time, and which can be changed to reflect a shift in one party's income
Relocation, which may be prompted by a job change, a new relationship or a family concern

Modification is not always advisable or possible. When it is appropriate, the change can be refreshing. Whatever situation you find yourself in, our firm can help you understand your rights and explore your options for resolving difficulties.

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