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Relocation has become a normal part of our increasingly global society, with job opportunities, new relationships and family concerns causing many people to move away from communities in which they lived for years. The use of tools like Skype and FaceTime allows family members to communicate freely across distances that were once the domain of letters and phone calls.

When a geographic relocation plays a significant role in a family law matter, it can be essential to secure the assistance of an attorney with extensive experience handling similar matters. Our firm can advise and represent you if you expect a change in your life circumstances (or your ex-spouse's circumstances) to impact your divorce case; we can also help you if a modification of an existing family court order is appropriate.

Charleston & Berkeley County Parent Relocation Lawyer

If you need legal guidance regarding relocation, the law office of Debra E. Stokes, L.L.C., can assist you in protecting your rights and your children's best interests. Equipped with more than 38 years of practice in the field of family law, attorney Debra E. Stokes can help you:

  • Facilitate a move related to your career, remarriage or family obligations
  • Address a proposed move on the part of your children's other parent
  • Modify a court order with regard to child custody, visitation or child support
  • Deal with conflict related to relocation through mediation or other means

No two moves are the same. We can assess your case and help you understand what options you have for resolving your relocation matter.

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