"I highly recommend this lawyer. She helped me through the most painful experience with intelligent and empathetic representation."


intelligent and empathetic representation

Apr 24, 2015

"Debra has been very professional and helpful in all my requests for legal advice. She has a genuine sense of concern in assuring my needs were well represented. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking legal representation."


highly recommend

Apr 24, 2015

"She was compassionate, very knowledgeable, professional and ultimately helped me achieve a good outcome during the two times I utilized her services. She is very pro-client and gives expert advice."


expert advice

Apr 24, 2015

"Ms. Stokes' demeanor and lovely tone of voice were immediately reassuring to me. After talking with her just a little while longer it was obvious that she had the competence, compassion, and intelligence that I needed in an attorney."


immediately reassuring

Apr 24, 2015

"Our issue seemed straight forward, so we wondered if we actually needed to seek legal assistance to reach a fair resolution. However, unforeseen circumstances surfaced, and we were very thankful to have retained the professional services of Debra Stokes Law Firm. Debra's experience, knowledge, and thorough attention to every detail produced logical results and peace of mind. Debra and her staff are skilled, engaged, prepared, and prompt in their representation and communication."


Skilled, engaged, prepared, and prompt

Apr 24, 2015

"I was able to maintain custody and a significant role in my daughter's lives as a breadwinning father being divorced by a stay at home mom. This is an atypical outcome for the scenario. Debra helped me, but more importantly helped my daughters retain proper parental supervision. I am grateful."

-JC - via Avvo

I am grateful

"Debra and her paralegal Theresa worked many long, hard hours to resolve my case for me. They took a personal interest in me and my family. Debra is a skilled attorney and a tough negotiator. Theresa was always available to listen to my concerns. They dealt with a difficult attorney on the other side of my case and worked hard to think of creative solutions to resolve the issues. I really appreciate everything they did for me."


A skilled attorney and a tough negotiator

"Ms. Stokes is my personal attorney and has updated my will and created medical powers of attorney and living wills for my husband and me. Her information is always accurate and up-to-date, and she is very thorough in her preparation for meetings. Most of all, she is compassionate and thoughtful in addressing family situations."

-EN - via Avvo

Compassionate and thoughtful

"Debra has a calmness about her that put me at ease during the most difficult time of my life from start to finish. She is smart, prepared and knows exactly what to do next. In the courtroom she is confident and has experience to back it up. Theresa, the paralegal to Debra, was very helpful and explained what was going to be happening so I didn't have any surprises. Debra was also available anytime I needed her even answering emails over a weekend or holiday. Overall, I don't wish upon anyone what I went through but if you need someone to walk you through it and need an experienced attorney I would pick Debra any day!"


an experienced attorney

"Debra Stokes handled my case perfectly. Everything was taken care of, she explained everything well, and I had no worries. The outcome was as good as was possible. Highly recommend."

-DK - via Avvo

Highly recommend

"Debra is an articulate, intelligent, careful, and caring lawyer. She's always been there for us whenever we needed her, and, believe me, we've called upon her at some inconvenient times. No lawyerese - she explains things clearly and calmly and will work steadfastly and smartly on your behalf. Not only is Debra an excellent lawyer, but she is also an exceedingly good person and a pleasure to work with."


Articulate, intelligent, careful, and caring

"Debra was extremely professional, timely and a joy to work with. She provided me with me excellent service!"


Excellent service

"Excellent attorney. Dedicated and fearless in pressing her clients' interests whether by negotiation or by litigating in court."


Dedicated and fearless

"Debra Stokes is a great lawyer, a zealous advocate and an ethical practitioner. Her focus stays on her clients from start to finish, and she is a skilled negotiator and an scholar of the law."


Skilled negotiator and scholar of the law